Sherly Khodadad, MS, LMFT (310)479-8255
Sherly Khodadad, MS, LMFT (310)479-8255 


Sherly Khodadad, MS, LMFT treats the full array of psychological and emotional difficulties including:  depression, post-partum depression, anxiety and anxiety-associated conditions, panic attacks, trauma / PTSD, relationship issues, cultural transition, stress-related problems, self-esteem issues, grief / bereavement, and fertility issues.   


Seeking help is the first step towards a healthier, more balanced life.  Careful consideration needs to be taken in choosing a therapist as one may be vulnerable due to life stressors. Sherly Khodadad, MS, LMFT  pays great respect to each individual seeking her services and has compassion as each person shares and examines sensitive psychological and emotinal experiences.   Sherly builds a personalized treatment and takes you through the process at your own pace as she believes in providing a safe therapeutic relationship for increasing insight, healing and transformation.  


" In my pschotherapy practice I integrate from various teachings, evidenced based techniques to treat certain symptoms, use of traditional models for gaining insight and the use of rhythmic breath meditation in supporting self-regulation, mental clarity, concentration and flexibilty.  I have be trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) to help overcome traumtic symptoms, flashbacks and anxiety.  My treatment modalities include CBT, psychodynamic, EMDR, humanistic-existential, psycho-educational and the use of breath meditation."


Services provided are for individual, couples & family psychotherapy.  The age range from adolescents to elderly.  For additional treatment services not mentioned here, please feel free to contact Sherly Khodadad, MS, LMFT.

Individual Therapy

Individuals join a trained therapist for one-on-one consultations in a safe and open setting. Weekly individual therapy sessions generally last 45 minutes.

Relationship Counseling

For couples who have run into emotional trouble or just want to make sure their relationship gets off to a healthy start, relationship counseling is highly valuable.

Group Therapy

Therapist-led group therapy is useful both as a supplement and an alternative to individual therapy. It provides real-life feedback and interaction among the patients.

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