Sherly Khodadad, MS, LMFT (310)479-8255
Sherly Khodadad, MS, LMFT (310)479-8255 


Stepping into therapy may be due to depression, anxiety, phobias, relationship issues, sense of unhappiness, sense of emptiness or inability to find much meaning in life and living.   It can be a choice we make to explore ourselves today, examine the past or expand on ideas and future dreams.  Whether we start therapy when we are confronted with some emotional pain or wanting to enrich our lives as we delve into it’s meaning about some to most ordinary things, it is about the self.   Knowledge is power, knowledge about oneself is empowering.  If you are driven to grow, develop and have a natural curiosity in examining life, living and discovering more about your own path, then psychotherapy is one way to engage in series of exploratory dialogues.   Reflective listening and feedback during the therapeutic dialogues contributes to developing our language and voice to articulate our needs, wants and experiences.  With awareness and insight, we become empowered enough to lead our own unique life.  I will work with you to unveil your truth, broaden your perspective and break free from unresolved behavioral or emotional patterns.

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